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Last updated: February 28, 2005.
. Actors are now alphabetical with the exception of my three favorites.
. Actresses are now alphabetical with the exception of my favorite.

satan's minions at work again! i wrote a note to myself but then i realized i didn't need it so i balled it up and ... now i wish i was dead. yeah, if i won five thousand dollars i'd join a gym, you know, build up my upper body and hit richard from behind with a stick
the only person who can put a smile on my face when the world is burning. Monica Gellar. Ross Gellar. Joey Tribbiani. I like Rachel from the moment she gets with Tag until the end of the series. i'm telling you, she gives the worst massages ever, okay? it was like she was torturing me for information. and I wanted to give it up I just, I didn't know what it was! it's like the end of an era! high maintenance and a pushover. maybe you should rethink the lyrics to she feels weird now that i'm gone. my hands are totally clean, i just gave the duck a bath i have a stuffed animal obsession ... that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest. get out of my chair, dillhole! i wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle! waiter! ... tress! there's a whole set of pockets here i didn't even know about, rache! you should show her your pee-pee. can chicks swim? i don't know let's check ... told you they don't swim. that's right! i stepped up! she's my friend and she needed help! if i had to, i'd pee on any one of you! the i hate rachel club. look at what you're doing to chandler! i'm alive with pleasure now. if i could live anywhere it would be either here ... ... or here. my paradise.

matthew perry is my number one obsession. no, it's not because he's amazingly sexy. i think he's a great actor. the movie troy opened up my eyes. now this is true talent.
he used to be my guilty pleasure but now i'll say it loud and proud: i adore him. you can't tell me you don't want to sit around and listen to him complain about music all day. ferris and bloom! i had to see him in movies a thousand times before i realized how talented and amazing he is. took me long enough to join his listing. he's so brooding-ly charming. i am ashamed but he has enticed even me. rest in peace, tommy boy i don't know why. don't ask me. you've got mail. that thing you do. forest gump. etc. don diego de la vega AND hannibal! rawr, mr. wolverine. i can't help it. i find him utterly adorable. he's so sexy with his sexy hair and his sexy accent. mmmm ... shaggy! and stevo! and dennis! what a fuckin' hottie, eh? i'm a sucker for dirty dancing. i really love the way he speaks. is that an accent? what the hell is that? my darling sgt. bilko, vinni and so forth. i loved him in craft even though he had a minor role. garfeild is what really opened my love for him. beeeeeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuutiiiiifuuuul oh, i hate reese for stealing him from us fangirls. i've liked him since galaxy quest. harry potter made me wonder but dogma was the one that made it 100% official. i think he's adorable and his last name is so difficult to spell that it makes him a challenge to like. i love the way he speaks. nod ya head! i love finch, richard, kuzco ... i just adore this foul little fellow. great actor. i had to do a report on him in the 8th grade and i fell in love. he's damn sexy for an old man.

i have a thing for brunnetes ... hah, hah. she's so adorable, i tell you i'm ashamed. i admit it. she's such a great actress and her voice amazes me. i think she's really adorable. when she says anything about sex, it doesn't fit her at all. anger does, though. she's innocent and angry. yay.

Ah! Megami-sama!
a darling little manga I adore the hell out of. urd is my major lesbian crush. beautiful half-demon half-goddess; probably the only one who makes it work without having it be cliche. if i love Urd, i love every part of her i have a goddess fetish, i admit it. satan herself is quite the sexy little beast.

a movie i could definately relate to. my biggest crush during childhood. i am ashamed. aladdin is such a cute character. plus, he's the reason genie came to life! and i love genie! i have a little action figure of him. he's such a darling. he may be annoying but he's hilarius.

a cd that got me through the toughest time of my life. all the drugs in this world won't save her from herself. black album take off your pants and jacket. fallen and all that could have been ...

Angel Sanctuary.
genderless is the way to be. an adorable cause of incestuous choas.

sssssssssss ... a childhood obsession. mreow? ... :)

brooklyn, californian, southern, brittish, australian, irish, spanish, italian, etc. i find it beautiful and mature. let the clothing reflect the personality? i'm so stereotypical, but boots are just so pretty. what a conflict. i don't know what it is about them but they remind me of webs and webs are cool when they're spider-less. why dye your hair when you can change its color every day? i wish i could fly. i'm so stereotypical that it hurts.

it's nice to have something to believe in the water bearer.

Back To The Future.
back to the future, baby. my mom has the hots for me? doc

Bands and Musicians.
Can be found here.

hey, leenie ... SPIDERMAN SUCKS XP lol. Kidding ... ehem. i have a cat fetish? i never realized how sexy he was until resantly. alfred sugar and spice, and everything nice. joker.

pro-life can suck my dick, kthx. i'm trying to be one but even if i fail, i love all of them.

Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun.
the one that started it all the home of my dear seiya. it's like powerrangers but better! a wonderful creature filled with beauty in each issue. why would i love someone who wasted his thoughts on usagi tsukino? best lesbian in the damn world. a very addictive character. two personalities; fragility; a pink-haired companion; a posessed father; bearer of death. how can you not adore her? multiple personality! she is beautiful in all of her toughgirl ways. yaten. i'm a sellout; she's won even me over. i think she's great. i don't know what you're talking about. black lady. what effects a mirror can hold on a child ... i cried when he died. the greatest gift in all the world is just to love and be loved in return. pedophilia and beatiality, not to mention inter-planetary relationship. chibiusa and hotaru. chibiusa and setsuna. mamoru is so great and usagi can suck a good penis. sorry. just don't like her. but their relationship is cute.


Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040.
oh, shit! my sister/clone is out trying to destroy the world with a bunch of shitty man-crushing robots! probably the sexiest bishoujo i'd even laid eyed upon. she's not a bitch ... she's just kind of quiet ... and calm. oh, fuck, i love her. the least annoying, annoying character in anime.

Calvin and Hobbes.
calvin reminds me of my best friend joe and hobbes reminds me of myself. i have a stuffed animal fetish.

mreow ... drink up me hearties, yo ho! ah, yes. an obsession from my childhood. i'm obsessed with witches, magic, the east and flying. you can't tell me you never had a crush on tommy the depressed, rejected, alcoholic friend of dear old spiderman = greatness. the true star of the show. i've always had a thing for sexy cuba dancers. i've always had a thing for football players. he thinks he can get into everyones pants. shit, i'd let him in mine. chemistry is the wrong fucking major for a guy like you. she's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! and garfield is such a charming character. if someone like him was around every time i wanted to kill myself, i'd claim to be suicidal. baby and johnny were alright but they've got nothing on javier and katey. why ya gotta harsh mah flavah? mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreow. antonio bandarez gets me hot and bothered, too. i love matthew lillard and i love shaggy. donald duck was so entertaining during my childhood. sometimes his temper still amuses me. what's up, doc? i transferred from los angeles, this school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort. i love me my pirate-wannabes. he's afraid of snakes. they're my favorite animals so i think we'd get along rather nicely. ;) i love me some rappers. he's the exception to my 'i hate dogs' thing. they're such a great pair, friend-wise. i love him because i act like cameron does and there is that obvious connection between people like us and people like ferris. you're just going to have to figure out what it wants. what is its motivation? ... it's a rock monster! it doesn't have motivation! i adore lois! she's my favorite part of the show! loki is the sexiest thing in the world the voice of god, baby! the party duuuude! again, my gypsy fetish. is that lip gloss?! i don't care if he's cheap. he went through a lot of shit to get his fortune and i know because i have the comic of his entire life from the day he was born. confound you, vile woman! the best symbol for politicians. trent and daria sittin' in a tree. he tried so hard and got no where. poor darling. his name is funny. i love miranda's wit, samantha's promiscuity, charlottes daydreams and innocence and carrie's articles. even though she represents the earth signs feelings towards love, i seem to identify best with her, even though i'm an air sign. he just cracks me up. i adore how insane they all are.

this is the face of god. i love the asshole song and he's such a darling on interviews.

Cowboy Bebop.
like leenie says, he's not given enough fan love. she's cuter than faye. this guy, on the other hand, gets a lot of love and i can see why.

Cruel Intentions.
the way he speaks makes me go weak at the knees. plus, his seductive and sadistic ways are more than amazingly addicting.

you're standing on my neck. daria makes monotone sexy. there is no daria without jane, babe i think all trents are sexy musicians.

Dawson's Creek.
i couldn't help it ... i'm a sucker for guys like this. she's a depressed new yorker! WHO DOES THAT REMIND YOU OF?!

Kevin Smith owns. i'm a sheep. baaaaa.

Empire Records.
i watched this three times in three days when i first found out about it. lucas is so funny. i love watching him dance. what's with today, today? aj is so adorable, I mostly like him because of his relationship with deb.

Fruits Basket.
momiji. kyo. risa. uo! hanajima shigure. multiple personalities? or is he just bipolar? yuki. akito ayame. i adore this song, except for the gong in the beginning of my fansubs.

home of tohma, the homosexual anime extreme love them sweeties who push people under cars. i want to BE her. except i'd prefer my husband wasn't gay. i wasn't going to admit to adoring him but here i am ... i broke down. he and i are actually a lot alike when it comes to love. this couple makes me believe in love everytime i love my faith in it.

Hot Gimmick.
i'm ashamed. masterxslave=love i guess i'm just a sucker for the masterxslave relationship. so sue me, i'm just a little horny boy inside.

Hunchback Of Notre Dame.
kevin kline's voice turns me on by itself but on the body of this fine little piece of animated ass, it's just genius. she so sexy. i bet a lot of little kids looked down her dress. i have a gypsy obsession, on top of everything else ...

Kaiken Phrase.
so-called rock boy band with a wonderful drummer and exquisite characters. i'm a sucker for shoujo mixed with music. so sue me.

you do realize you're not gay, right? where you from? jersey. NEW jersey? three to tango, whole nine yards, serving sara, fools rush in, almost hereos, etc.
tha-that's your plan, is it? ... well, i like it! get the fuck off mah kool-aid!
a poor guys misunderstood struggle to become someone. never says a word ... hope he hasn't died! you look at me and you don't like what you see but this is the price, mother, the price of belonging to you. bouquet of sharpened pencils. come what may. savvy? unofficial pirates are even better than real ones. the fox so cunning and free ... romeo and juliet were very much in love when they were wed. they honoured every vow. so where are they now? they're dead, dead, very very dead! aladdin, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, hercules, lion king, etc. they've been laughing since i can remember but they're not gonna laugh anymore! no more 'maxie the geek' no more 'goof of the week' like before. a wondrous movie about the cliches of adolescance. seth greene plays a darling role. cause you can look right through me, walk right by me and never know i'm there a movie about my favorite disorder. top five! i can't explain why. a horribly enjoyable movie. a great, entertaining, realistic movie. not just for punks, people, and i'm living proof! ... you know, since i'm not one ... earth, air, fire, water. earth, air, fire, water. party on, excellent, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whooooo. would you die for me? snakes and whips, baby. dirty dancing is so much better when it's cuban and not including jennifer grey. part of my witches fetish. brilliant movie. god, gypsies, deformities and sexy soldiers can make a great combination. hilarious movie! better than the first and that's saying a lot. leenie is going to love me for this but i'm not just saying it to kiss her butt, i actualy loved this movie. titanic rocked the shit out of my socks. in the ciiiiiiiiiiircle ... the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife. cheerleaders are great when they're in movies. i'm sorry. that's just how i feel. and cliff rocks. so does his sister. cable guy i have censorship and i love dancing and kevin bacon. let me guess you have a great personality? any shakespearean remake pleases me. oops. it's a guilty pleasure. i'm ashamed. it's the posessive dancing and singing that intruiged me. it's silent bob as batman and the elevator sex scene that got me. god is whimsical. we are the champions, my frieeeendsss. i love brad pitt, i love movies with a lot of characters, and i love men who eat constantly.

i don't know what it is but i always feel so enchanted by that myth.

a book i reread on a monthly basis. i love suicide and it's just so much more fun when twisted sisters do it. Speak. garfield is such an adorable comic.

Other Anime/Manga.
my favorite manga. obviously. anime music videos are so great i could cry. power rangers in anime! c'mon! a baseball game, a bunch of girls, the home of my beloved izumi and a girl who talks to a keychain. i'm a sucker for a witch. i've said it once and i'll say it again. the beautiful, sneaky, large-breasted fox. a haruka urshima in disguise. wings and a halo with a cigarette ... could it get any hotter? screw every rei fan out there! i really don't know too much about her yet but i still adore her. i used to have an alien fetish? ... whiney? am i the only one who didn't see anything whiney about her? big brother, tough guy, rock band. another big brother to my collection. shitty anime; great character. ah yes a 'normal' one. pervert monk! ... need i say more? the only japanese song i can tolerate! brings tears to my eyes, really.

Paradise Kiss.
i love paradise kiss to no end. i love george more than vash. it's scary. he holds a whip in one hand and candy in the other. i want his piercings. an adorable little soul. just a sweet transvestite ... a revolutionized character the sweetest lovers. a punk with a safety pin going through his cheek and a pink-haired beauty with pouty lips, mercurial smile and incurable style.

PC Games.
it's so addicting that i once drempt of living in a Sim-like world.

Peach Girl.
girl likes boy. girls best friend ruins girls life for fun. boy is hesitant but likes girl back. girl pretends to like another boy to throw her friend off. other guy starts to like girl. ah, yes; the drama of adolescence. a shallow popular hornball ... or more? boy vs boy for girl. kiley rocks but toji should be with momo. she doesn't deserve kiley. they remind me of myself and a certain someone whom i adore but continue to slap away.

Petshop Of Horrors.
rare, mythical creatures; a gorgeous petshop owner; a cop with a bad attitude. the key to a thousand rare and beautiful creatures; a darling with marilyn mansons eyes and a sweet tooth.

it's like a cat but better. fire! yay! and it's fuzzy-like. shut up. if i like one eevee, i love them all. it's black, too! ice-ee-on! that's what my friend and i used to call it. misty owns.

home is where the heart is.

Practical Magic.
put the lime in the coconut ... drink 'em both up and call me in the morning.

brad pitt and jeniffer aniston

Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
quite the thinker. twisted, fragile and beautiful. the best combination. we're just a couple of wild animals. my favorite lesbian. god, and what a story inside of that locket, eh? i just wanted to be special. i have a thing for little girls who are obsessed with their older brothers, but, honestly, what i love the most about nananmi is what she said to the little blonde boy. i love the way you look when i'm hurting you. or something like that. ;) i like him to piss leenie off XD poor mikage ... fragilexmacho. trecherousxpure.

squee ... i want none of this soul toast.

why do i love you? have you ever been hated or discriminated against? i have. i've been protested and demonstrated against. fuck freeworld! a pill to make you anybody else. there's something inside me that pulls beneathe the surface ... rotten and so beautiful. has no one told you she's not breathing? there was a boy. a very strange, enchanted boy. i went today, maybe i will go again tomorrow. will you love me any less if i hate you any more? we used to love ourselves. we used to love one another. i hate you. i hate you. i swear to god, i hate you. oh my god, i love you. they say music can alter moods and talk to you. can it load a gun up for you and cock it, too? my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore. you saw me mourning my love for you and touched my hand. i knew you loved me, then. these lines of lighting mean we're never alone, never alone, no, no. oh how i wish for soothing rain; all i wish is to dream, again.

TV Shows.
all they need is guns and this series could be fantastic. the party duuuude! (i still swear donny's gay) beloved corey, topanga, shawn, eric and jack. why does WB only take the good shows off the air? i grew up on growing pains. another hilarius and great series WB fucked over and cancelled dennis finch, just shoot me. i used to watch this all of the time when i was A LITTLE GIRL. i want to BE her. conan o'brien cracks me the hell up. the simpsons can suck family guy's dick! zorro power rangers! first season. yes ... the real world. i only watched it for frankie. i used to count down the hours until gummi bears came on. i had a sad childhood. lol. once i start singing the theme song, i can never stop. chi-chi-chi-chip and dale rescue rangers! oh no! it's gargamel! i can't help liking jerry more, though.

sexy blond guy; guns; a priest who likes to kill; a reincarnation of a mother into a love-interest! gotta love a guy with $$60,000,000 on his head. i'm such a sucker for a sweet-talker.

probably the best movie i've ever seen. the arrogant son of a goddess. hector. odysseus. helen. paris. adromache. andromache and hector.

i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world. the best toys ever. light heart's my favorite.

i can't explain how much i enjoy my time spent in a community of secrets and regret. i suck. they're so cuuuuuuuuuuute. liekomgwtf.

again ... I LOVE WITCHES. she's fat. she's ungrateful. i like her.

Witch Hunter Robin.
witches have always been my thing i love this failure. she is the greatest slacker in the world. computer geek.

gotta love a wind witch. every masochists dream. i tried to fool myself into thinking i didn't adore her. silly me. I LOVE HER SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS. the movies ruined her. kitty is cute in evolution but i love the oldschool kitty. jubilee was kickass in the cartoon, i swear. i love her clothing, too. rawr. boom BOOM ;) the graphics are amazing and even though the series RUINED kitty pride, i still like it quite the amount.

it's a shade, eh? fuck sex and making-out! obviously ... heh, heh. magic was always something syl has been fascinated with. i love it. i'm not even trying to be perverted this time. gluttony, pride, greed, lust, envy, sloth, and that other one. argh, matey ... MM MM GOOD, BABY. democrasy: the common people, considered as the primary source of political power. best prouction company around because they came up with road to el dorado, shrek 2 and sinbad! best policy, my loves.